Website Development

Do you want a website fast as a rocket, but your site has the speed of a turtle? Do you aim at the first results of the search engines, but you fail in performance tests?

Or perhaps you paid a lot of money, but your website does not appear correctly on the screens of mobile phones?

If you are facing any of the above problems with your business website, or if you want a website that will not have these problems, then you are in the right place!

Website Development – We provide a solution to your problems

Developing websites with a fast loading speed

Have you noticed that your website has a high bounce rate? If users abandon it within seconds, then the loading time might be the guilty party.

Nowadays, users no longer wait patiently for a website to load on their screens.

Over 50% of users would abandon a website that needs more than 3 seconds to load.

Implementing cutting-edge technologies and innovative tools, we guarantee that your website will load: a) in less than a second for desktop computers and b) in 1.1 seconds for mobile devices.  In this way, you have a significant advantage over your competitors. Why is that?

Because faster page speed makes for a better user experience and is also a ranking factor for Google’s search results.

Developing websites with a professional design

Have you ever entered a website and left after a few seconds, because it was unclear whether it could meet your needs?

Designing a website might appear easy. After all, there are many ready-made templates in the market that promise an aesthetically pleasing result. In practice, however, things are quite different.

Whether you choose a ready-made template or a custom design, we ensure that the final product reflects your brand and matches the products or services you offer.

Building websites with a great functionality

Treasure hunting is a pleasant activity outside the Internet. On a website, visitors want to find with ease and speed the information they are searching for.

If your website is not functional and easy to use, then visitors will simply leave. In W3Vitals, we pay special attention to user experience (UX design) and user interface (UI design), for fully functional websites that will maintain the visitors’ interest.

Building websites with responsive design

Your website appears perfect on a computer screen. Have you checked, though, how it appears on the screen of a tablet or a mobile phone?

Most searches in the Google Search platform take place from mobile users. This means that your website must be optimized so that it can appear equally well on smaller screens.

We use responsive design to ensure that your website appears correctly, regardless of the size of each screen.

Developing websites with maximum security

Do you worry about the security of the data on your website? Do you tremble at the possibility of falling victim to hacking activities?

A professional website must faithfully follow the security standards to ensure the protection of user data.

The websites we build are fully secure, given that there is no direct connection with the database, the user data, and other sensitive information. Furthermore, we install SSL security protocols.

Do you face a problem with your website? Contact us and make your website skyrocket.

Website Development – Additional Services

Creating a business blog

Do you want to increase the organic traffic to your website and create value for your customers?

The best way to achieve this is to create a blog where existing and potential customers find useful information about your products and services.

We design and develop blogs that are easy to manage, and have fast loading speed and responsive design.

Creating websites with an order placement system (eshop)

Do you need a website through which you will be able to sell your products and services easily and swiftly?

We undertake the development of websites with order placement and online payment system.

We develop eshops adjusted to the needs and particularities of each company, using modern tools and innovative practices.

Building websites with an appointment scheduling system

Do you need a website where your customers will be able to schedule an appointment automatically, without your participation?

We develop websites where visitors can schedule their appointments with ease, based on available days and hours. Furthermore, we guarantee that there will be no double booking for the same time and day.

We also offer you a web app to better handle your appointments. The app will show the appointments scheduled through the website, but will also allow you to add appointments made via phone or via other channels.

Developing websites that meet the WCAG 2.0 standards

Do you claim a subsidy through the NSRF program for the construction of a website that is friendly to people with special needs?

We undertake the development of W3C websites that facilitate access to people with visual, hearing and other disabilities.

Our websites fully comply with all the specifications of the WCAG 2.0 standards, which means that they can be funded through programs of the European Regional Development Fund.

Website Development Process


We understand your needs and we propose solutions

In our first meeting, we listen to your needs and propose solutions. A first estimation of the cost and the implementation time takes place. We set the basis for the scheduling of the project.


Selection of design template and web design

Upon agreeing on the type of website that interests you, we proceed with selecting the design. We sent you ready-made templates to choose what best suits your company. Alternatively, we show you some samples of custom designs.


Building a website

Our web developers start building your website based on the chosen template and the changes you requested. Meanwhile, our graphic designers undertake the creation of graphic elements to ensure that your website is fully harmonized with your corporate identity.


Website customization

The website’s code is ready. At this phase, we import data, such as text and pictures, so that the website takes its final form. You can send us the text and the pictures you want us to use, or we can prepare the best possible content based on your specifications.


Website optimization and delivery

The final step before delivering you the website is to technically optimize it to deliver the best results as regards SEO. The necessary checks take place and we connect your website with Google Search Console, Google Analytics and your social media accounts.

Website Development – The tools we use

WordPress-Gatsby Website Development

Do you need a professional website with a beautiful design, fast loading time, and high-security standards, which is easy to manage?

We create dynamic websites based on WordPress, the most popular Content Management System, combined with the Gatsby technology.

What is the Gatsby technology?

The Gatsby technology is a new way of building websites and applications with excellent performance, fewer security gaps and flexibility in using the best tools for your company.

What are the advantages of a WordPress-Gatsby website?

  • High performance. The website loads within fractions of a second.
  • Easy management. Functional and user-friendly management system so you can easily and quickly update the content of your website.
  • Flexibility and scalability. The Gatsby technology supports a wide range of plugins and applications, facilitating website development and keeping the cost down.
  • Website without Internet. The Gatsby technology utilizes the PWA application, which allows a user to open a website he has revisited in the past without needing an Internet connection.
  • Competitive advantage. The Gatsby technology is the latest trend in website development. It offers comparative advantages that will help you stand out from your competitors.  



Do you want a dynamic website with high performance and easy management?

Trust W3Vitals for a professional website of high standards that will help you stand out from your competitors.