Eshop Development

Do you want to gain a competitive edge in the market and expand your customer base?

Or perhaps the external conditions force you to turn to e-commerce to secure the sustainability of your business?

Regardless of the reason you are here, one thing is certain. The development of an e-commerce website (eshop) is an effective tool to increase your sales and approach new customers.

Why should I invest in the development of an eshop?

Do you wonder what you will gain from the creation of an e-commerce website?

Regardless of the size of your business, the development of an eshop offers significant advantages:

  • Continuous online presence. An eshop is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Thus, you offer flexibility to your customers to make their purchases even when your physical store is closed.
  • Access to a larger audience and new markets. With an eshop, geographical limitations do not exist. Now you can easily reach new markets and increase your customer base.
  • Increased customer satisfaction. Customers can make their purchases whenever or wherever they want. Furthermore, they can compare prices and read reviews to be more confident in their choices. All these contribute to the sense of satisfaction they feel when shopping online.
  • Stronger position in the new economy model. With the arrival of 5G and the digital revolution, the economy model is changing. The existence of an e-commerce store is not just a comparative advantage but a factor that can play a decisive role in the development of your business.

Eshop development services from W3Vitals

In W3Vitals, we have the know-how, the experience and the tools needed to build dynamic eshops that stand out for their technical specifications and offer a unique user experience.

Eshop development with encryption and secure data exchange

In online shopping, keeping customer data safe and ensuring the security of the transactions are of utmost importance.

We make sure that there are no security gaps in the eshops we build, utilizing mechanisms that ensure the security of the transactions.

Furthermore, we install SSL protocols that provide user authentication, encryption and decryption of data sent through the Web.

Development of eshops with a fast loading speed

Fast loading speed is a significant factor for the overall user experience and is often taken for granted. It is not random that the majority of the users would leave a website if the page loading speed was over 3 seconds.

We apply the latest technologies and create eshops with optimized load times, taking into account the experience of smartphone users.

Development of eshops with a responsive design

Today, a large part of purchases takes place through mobile devices. For this reason, an eshop must appear equally well on small screens.

We build eshops with responsive design to ensure the user has an optimal experience on any device.

Eshop development with a full list of online and offline payments

Flexibility on payments is an important factor for the completion of an online sale.

We integrate all available payment methods (bank deposit, cash on delivery, credit/debit cards, PayPal) to cover the needs of your clients.

Invest in a profitable eshop that will bring sales!

Eshop development – Additional services

Development of eshops with product filters

By using filters, we enable users to find products based on the criteria they are interested in.

Helping users find faster the result they are searching for increases their satisfaction and the chances of making a purchase.

Connecting eshops to price comparison sites

Do you want to take advantage of the benefits of the price comparison sites?

We connect your eshop to, and other known price comparison sites in Greece.

Eshops with user accounts and social login

Do you want users to create an account for your eshop, either by registration or by using an existing account in Facebook or Google?

We develop eshops with user accounts and social login to increase your customer base and minimize the order registration time.

Connecting eshops to third-party platforms

Do you want your eshop to be updated automatically when a product runs out of stock?

We link your eshop to ERP software or procurement systems for mass changes and stock updates.

Linking eshops to email applications

Do you want to automate the process of sending confirmation emails for orders from your eshop?

Or perhaps you want the users to evaluate your products after a specific period?

We link your eshop to credible email automation platforms to fully utilize the benefits of Email Marketing.

Redesigning eshops

Are you dissatisfied with the performance of your eshop or do you want to invest in its upgrade?

We redesign and improve your e-commerce website, offering you a smooth transition and direct transfer to your new eshop.

Eshop promotion with SEO

Do you want your eshop to be friendly for search engines and appear on the first results for the keywords that interest you?

We implement SEO practices both on your eshop’s structure and product descriptions (texts, images). Our target is to create an SEO-friendly eshop that will increase your organic traffic.

Eshop development in just 5 steps


Needs and goals analysis

In our first meeting, we listen to your needs and the targets you want to achieve. We propose to you the best solution for your business, as well as some alternative options.

Furthermore, we estimate the cost and the implementation time according to the plan you will choose.


Eshop designing

Upon agreeing on the specifications of your eshop, we proceed with the selection of the design. We send you stock templates or some custom design samples to choose the one that best suits your business.


Eshop development

Our developers start building your e-commerce website based on the template you have selected and the individual changes you have requested.

At the same time, our designers create the graphic elements for your eshop to ensure full harmonization with your corporate identity.


Eshop customization

The code is ready. At this step, we create the categories and your products. We also import relevant data, such as texts and images.


Optimization and eshop delivery

Before delivering you the eshop, we make sure to optimize its technical aspects to have the best possible results as regards SEO.

Furthermore, we carry out the necessary controls and link your eshop to Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Ads.



Do you want a fully functional eshop that brings sales?

Trust W3Vitals for a modern, mobile-friendly eshop that will increase your sales.