Social Media Advertising

What is Digital Advertising in Social Media?

Digital advertising in social media is using social networks to promote products or services through paid posts.

This type of online advertising is remarkably efficient, as it offers tons of targeting possibilities.

Using indicators such as age, gender, geolocation, and the interests of your potential customers, you can reach with great precision your target audience.

Why is Social Media Advertising important?

Do you wonder why you should invest in social media advertising services instead of promoting your business with traditional media?

By using social media networks, you can approach the audience that interests you without spending a lot of money.

Contrary to traditional media, an advertisement on social media is targeted and optimized. That means that it has more chances of success.

Indicatively, the advantages of an advertising campaign on social media networks are the following:

  • Easy monitoring. A social media ad allows you to monitor in real-time the course of your campaign.
  • Flexibility and adaptability. With access to real-time data, you can adjust your campaign for better results whenever you want. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to stop the campaign at no cost if the circumstances are not favorable.
  • Great targeting options. Social media maintain a detailed database for their users. Demographics such as age, education, occupation, interests, and gender, are information shared by social media users. This data can be used as targeting parameters for a social media ad campaign.
  • Measurable ROI results. You have a full picture and you know exactly the effectiveness of each campaign on social media. Indicators such as Cost-per-click (CPC), Click-through Ratio (CTR) and average Cost-per-action (CPA) show how effective your investment was.
  • Retargeting possibilities. You can retarget users that have interacted with your content or have visited your website. By doing so, you increase the possibility of conversion, such as sales, newsletter subscription, etc.
  • Affordable prices. Compared with traditional media, social media advertising has lower costs and greater flexibility as far as budget is concerned. Specifically, you can run a campaign on Facebook with 1€ as a daily budget.

Are you ready to promote your products and services effectively on social media?Are you ready to promote your products and services effectively on social media?

Advertising businesses on social media for an integrated marketing strategy

Trust W3Vitals for the digital advertising of your business on social media and enjoy the benefits of an integrated social media marketing strategy.

Our team consists of digital marketing professionals, with experience in creating advertising messages for online communities.

Every social media campaign is the result of the cooperation of the following professionals:

How can you benefit from Social Media Advertising?

Advertising on social media is a popular way to reach new customers and increase your sales.

How can you use this tool?

First of all, you need to have a business page or account on the respective social media network. For an integrated social media marketing strategy, investing in the professional management of your social media channels is the best course of action.

Furthermore, selecting the appropriate social media channel based on your advertising goals and target audience is necessary for a successful campaign.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase traffic to your website
  • Promote products, services, and applications
  • Enhance interaction with social media users
  • Reach potential customers
  • Boost conversions and sales

Advertising services for the most important social media platforms

In W3Vitals, we offer advertising services for the most popular social media networks.

In particular, we run ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

It is also possible to provide digital advertising services for other platforms, such as Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Tik Tok, and TripAdvisor.

What does social media advertising include for each platform?

Digital advertising on Facebook (Facebook Ads)

  • Selecting the appropriate campaign target based on three general categories: Awareness, Consideration, Conversion.
  • Choosing the suitable advertising format for reaching the target. The ad can take various forms: photograph, video, story, Messenger message, presentation or carousel images, etc.
  • Defining the right target audience by entering parameters, such as geolocation, age, interests, and other demographics.
  • Producing engaging content with the contribution of a copywriter and a graphic designer.
  • Running A/B testing for maximum results at the lowest possible cost.
  • Monitoring market and competition to locate advertising opportunities.
  • Promoting organic content that has attracted the audience’s interest.
  • Creating Facebook pixel and linking the code to your website for the provision of useful data about your advertisement.
  • Writing a report at the end of each campaign to measure its effectiveness.

Digital advertising on Instagram (Instagram Ads)

  • Selecting the appropriate campaign target.
  • Choosing the suitable advertising format: photo ad, video ad, carousel ad, story ad, explore feed ad.
  • Specifying the target audience: targeting by location, interests, demographics, consumer behavior, custom audience, and look-alike audience.
  • Producing engaging photos or videos for a beautiful aesthetic result that will attract the public’s interest.
  • Creating the advertisement text by using storytelling techniques.
  • Using the proper hashtags.
  • Running A/B testing for better results at the smallest possible budget.
  • Monitoring market and competition to locate advertising opportunities.
  • Promoting organic content to boost popular posts.
  • Measuring and evaluating the results at the end of every ad campaign.

Remarketing Services for Businesses

In W3Vitals, we offer remarketing services (also known as retargeting) to reach potential customers who have already interacted with your brand.

This technique is considered one of the most effective types of advertising, as the audience has already shown interest in your business.

How does Remarketing work on Facebook and Instagram?

Remarketing/retargeting is an ad campaign that targets users who have interacted with your brand in some way. They could have visited your website, your Facebook page or your Instagram account, or they could have used your application.

It is also possible to target existing customers who have visited your physical store or whose contact details are stored on a CRM platform.

Remarketing is an effective tool that allows you to remain in contact with your target audience and enhance your brand’s visibility. Moreover, it boosts the sales of products or services, for which the users have already shown interest.



Do you want to advertise your company on Social Media effectively?

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