Web App Development

We live in a mobile world. The development of applications for mobile phones and the drafting of a mobile marketing strategy are actions that will give you a comparative advantage.

The spread of smart mobile devices and the possibility of permanent connection to the web have changed how we communicate, receive information and consume goods.

If you have a website or an eshop with a mobile-friendly design, you are on the right track. However, if you want to fully utilize the potential offered by mobile marketing, keep reading.

The mobile applications offer a two-way communication channel with your audience, real-time information and a series of other benefits.

What are the advantages of mobile applications?

  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Higher accessibility
  • Personalized content
  • Utilization of mobile marketing tools, such as push notifications for new products or offers
  • Effective communication on a personal basis
  • Better customer service

Web vs Native App

Have you decided to invest in the development of an app? Are you still wondering whether it should run on a specific operating system (Android, iOS) or be compatible with all operating systems?

The answer to your dilemma depends on your ultimate goal.

If you want to develop an interactive game, then certainly the best solution is a native app. However, if you want to offer mobile-friendly content to the broadest possible audience, then a web app is the best and most efficient way to do it.

What are the advantages of a Web App compared to a Native App?

  • Full compatibility. Contrary to native applications, web applications do not depend on the operating system of each device.
  • Lower cost. Contrary to a web app, the creation of a native app has a higher development cost. That happens because every operating system requires specialized programming knowledge, and the application must be developed for every operating system.
  • Fast loading speed. A native application needs more time to open, as it is a separate program that pulls resources from the device. This means that user experience differs according to the mobile phone they use. The same does not apply to web apps, which only require an Internet connection.
  • Higher accessibility. Everyone can connect to a web app by simply using the browser of their mobile phone. However, a native app is addressed only to users of a particular operating system (e.g., users with Android phones).
  • Bigger flexibility. A web app gives greater flexibility to the users, as they do not have to visit an app store to download the app or lose storage space for its installation. If stored, the web app requires minimal storage space.

Invest in a web app and utilize the benefits of mobile marketing.

Mobile app development – We provide a solution to your needs

All businesses do not have the same needs. For that reason, we propose solutions that suit your type of business and your needs.

Web app for online orders

Do you have a café or a restaurant, and you want your customers to be able to order online? Do you want to avoid the commission charged by food delivery apps?

The development of a web application for online orders is the perfect solution for the foodservice industry. Customers will be able to order and pay through the app, minimizing the order and delivery time.

A web app for online orders can be used with great success by restaurants or beach bars to reduce customers’ waiting time and increase their satisfaction.

Web app for eshops

Do you have an eshop and want to increase interaction with your customers, thus increasing your sales?

Creating an eshop with a mobile-friendly design is the first step to satisfy customers who make mobile purchases.

But if you want to go one step further, then an eshop web app will help you increase engagement and improve customer experience.

Furthermore, you can implement a click-away system to reduce wait time for your customers.

Web app for online appointments

Do your customers need to make an appointment to visit your business? Do you always carry with you an organizer?

An appointment scheduling web app will untie your hands!

First of all, your customers will be able to make their appointment easily, through their mobile phones, whenever they want. The app will also prevent double-booking, as the time slot is no longer available after reservation.

Meanwhile, you will be able to check through the app all your appointments, and set the days and hours of your availability.

Web app for hotels

Do you have a hotel or a company with tourist accommodation, and you need an application where the customers will be able to make reservations and book rooms?

Invest in a web app for hotels and improve the experience of the customers who make a reservation through mobile phones. Furthermore, use push notifications to inform your customer base about offers or extra services.

Custom web app

If the above choices do not cover your needs, there is always the solution of a custom web app.

In that case, we will build the app from zero, and we will adjust it to your needs and targets.

Mobile App Development Process


First contact

In our first meeting, we listen to your needs, discussing the available options. We propose solutions based on your targets, and we make a first estimation of the cost and the implementation time.



Upon agreeing on the type of application you are interested in, we proceed with the selection of the appropriate design. We show you some ready-made templates to pick the one that better suits your business.

In case of a custom app, we undertake its design from zero, aiming at the best user experience (UX).



Our developers create the web app based on the selected template. Our designers create the graphic elements of the app so that it is fully harmonized with your corporate identity.



At this stage, we carry out tests on various devices to ensure there are no errors or malfunctions. Our target is to provide the best possible experience to the final user.



When the app is fully developed, we proceed with its optimization.



The app is available to the public. In particular, users can either directly visit the app or “download” it to their mobile phones.


Technical support

Our cooperation does not stop with the delivery of the application. We are by your side, providing technical support.


Do you want an app that works on all mobile phones?


Trust W3Vitals for a progressive web application that will help you use more effectively the tools of mobile marketing.