Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels. It is the act of sending promotional messages to people through emails.

Its target is to establish relationships with existing and potential customers, as well as to promote products and services. When used right, it can boost sales, encourage interaction and connect the brand with the customers.

Email marketing is a direct and efficient promotional technique with low cost and fast results. However, it requires careful planning and research to achieve the desired targets.

What is Newsletter?

A newsletter is a bulletin issued periodically by a company to share relevant and valuable information with its audience. Some companies send newsletters every week, others every two weeks, or even every month.

A newsletter usually contains business news, actions, and other information the subscribers will find interesting. It may also include a brief presentation of a blog post or video post.

Its character is mainly informative, and its target is to strengthen the company’s relationship with its audience.

Why is Email Marketing important?

Email marketing is the most effective digital marketing tool a company has at its disposal.

It promotes direct and targeted communication with existing or potential customers by sharing information at speed and low cost.

It also helps the company to gradually develop a relationship of trust with its audience while increasing sales.

What are the benefits of Email Marketing?

The main benefits of email marketing are indicatively the following:

  • Direct and personal communication
  • Low implementation costs
  • Fast and measurable results
  • Creation of personalized content
  • Increase in sales and profits

Improve your communication with your customers and boost your sales!

Email Marketing Services – Different types of email marketing campaigns

What are the steps for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?


Creating an appropriate contact list

The success of an email marketing campaign depends on the audience you address.

The target is to approach people who will be interested in the product or the service you are promoting. In this way, you increase the possibilities for sales.

We help you build your contact list with marketing actions that will encourage potential customers to give their email. Meanwhile, provided you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we make sure to act according to the respective guidelines.

Furthermore, we undertake the categorization of your contacts based on demographics, behaviors, habits and past purchases, for better targeting.


Creating an email marketing campaign

The next step is to create a campaign based on the audience you target and the goals you have set.

First, we design an elegant and functional email template, which is displayed correctly on all screens (responsive design). We select pictures and graphic elements that pique the interest and correspond to the company’s brand.

Furthermore, our team of copywriters prepares the text of the email, taking into account the recipients’ profile. Special attention is paid to the email subject and the call-to-action buttons.


Optimization of email marketing campaign

To achieve the best possible results, each email marketing campaign must be optimized.

We create variations of the campaign and we identify the version with the best response with A/B testing.

Furthermore, we provide consultation for the optimization of the landing page for an overall good user experience.

Finally, timing is everything when it comes to email marketing. For this reason, we make sure to send the campaign at the most appropriate day and time to increase the chances of being read.


Measuring the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign

At the end of each email marketing campaign, we analyze its effectiveness and prepare a detailed report with measurable data.

Indicatively, we analyze the following performance email marketing metrics:

  • The number of people who received the email (bounce rate)
  • The percentage of people who opened the email (open rate)
  • The clicks on the links (click-through rate)
  • The conversions, meaning the people who clicked the call-to-action and completed the desired action (conversion rate)
  • How many times the email was forwarded to other people (forwarding rate)



Do you want a successful Email Marketing strategy with measurable results?

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